I Tested And Ranked 7 Best Car Air Fresheners In 2024

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Looking to freshen up your car’s interior? I recently tested seven of the most popular car air fresheners on the market in 2024 to see which ones effectively eliminate odors and leave your car smelling fresh.

After comprehensive testing based on criteria like scent options, longevity, price, and ease of use, I’ve ranked and reviewed the top seven best car air fresheners you can buy this year.

Note: Rating is accurate at the time of writing.

1. Air Spencer CS-X3

Total Ratings: 2444



The outer cassette-style casing is made from high-quality plastic with a smooth sleek finish, topped with a chrome CS-X3 emblem. The inner scent cartridge is a refillable cassette featuring a sliding louver to adjust the strength of the scent.

Helpful Review:

“I bought this out of sheer curiosity. I’ve used “New Car Scent” tree air fresheners all my life but wanted to try something new. This air freshener is quite a bit more expensive than the usual kind, but there is a reason for that. It’s STRONG AND LONGLASTING.

It’s borderline overwhelming when new. It’s been a week and a half and it’s still at about 90% strength. I placed mine under the driver’s seat to keep it out of the sun as per some recommendations, and it does indeed seem to keep it healthier for longer that way.

Note that all the case seems to do is keep the actual air freshener packet in a closed environment. You could probably achieve the same effect by buying the freshener refills on their own and keeping them in their partially opened plastic bags.

As for the scent itself, it’s difficult to describe. I’d say it’s something in between fruity bubblegum and dish soap. It’s a weird smell, but not one that I mind. It’s still very strong in my car and I wish it’d tone down a bit; I get the feeling it’d be a more pleasant spell when it mellows out into “subtle” territory.

Still, I’ve gotten a bunch of comments on the smell in my car at least, so it’s a nice icebreaker and conversation starter. No one has voiced any displeasure for the smell either.”- HHH

“Squash? I’m not so sure…

I bought this based on the many great reviews and was not sure what to expect. When I first opened the package I didn’t like the smell. It seemed super sweet like a blue raspberry sour candy or something, but I put it in my car anyway.

The next morning when I got in to drive to work I was blasted with this scent and immediately fell in love. Now I can’t get enough, and am considering getting a few more of these for my house and office.

The scent is very hard to describe. The closest squash flavor I could think of is maybe like the sweet caramelized pumpkin in a good Thai pumpkin curry, but even that is not quite right.

To me, the scent is more like a sweet/sour fruity candy than what I know as squash, but whatever it is, it’s incredible. I will be buying refills, if not a couple more of these as well.”- Adam James

2. Chemical Guys AIR_101_16

Total Ratings: 50,376



New Car Smell premium air freshener eliminates odors and provides a long-lasting fragrance ideal for cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, and more. Formulated with high-quality ingredients for versatile application in vehicles, homes, and offices to make any space smell brand new.

Helpful Review:

“I was hesitant to try this product due to the mixed reviews. I’m really glad I decided to give it a try! My car has seen family road trips, diaper changes in the back seat, spilled juice boxes, etc.

After using this product, my car smells awesome. No, it’s not an EXACT perfect match for a “new car” — but it is definitely the closest I have ever found and I will be using this product again and again to keep my car smelling new.

Definitely listen to the other reviewers and DILUTE this stuff first, and use it SPARINGLY. Seriously, a little goes a long way. I suspect a lot of the negative reviews are a result of using way too much product. I diluted about 10 sprays into about a 1/2 cup of water in a separate spray bottle.

Then I sprayed the floor mats and the backs of the seats and left my car with the windows open to air out for a few hours. When I came back, it smelled like a car I was taking for a test drive. 🙂

So far, it’s been 3 days since I used it, and we have taken a few family trips to the pool. I was worried about the chlorine smell from wet bathing suits, etc eliminating the “new car” smell, but it hasn’t and my car still smells great. I’ll update you when the smell finally needs refreshing.

At around $10, the initial investment is higher than the cheap air fresheners that you might pick up at a big box store, but this bottle will last me a very long time. I diluted 10 sprays into a smaller bottle of water, and used probably a fifth of it for one application, so you can figure about 2 sprays per use.

I will recommend this product to others when they ask me how I keep my car smelling so good!

UPDATE: So, I am terrible about using this regularly… I have a toddler and a newborn and the car rarely gets a good spray down. I’ve used this spray only a few times over the last year, and my car STILL smells good.

I just thought to update this review because a friend got into my car the other day and said “Wow… how does your car still have a new car smell??” I laughed because it’s been MONTHS since I’ve sprayed this stuff. Amazing…”- AJ

“The new car scent smells exactly like a brand new car interior, plus as if it just went through a professional car wash. It has that vinyl-like scent in it which smells like a brand-new material. Leather Scent smells perfect too, like real leather.

The signature scent however is 3 stars!! It smells as if the car went through a carwash recently (which is not bad, but…), only if you spray a little otherwise it smells like a car air freshener purchased at a regular store. it has some perfumy sweetness to it which isn’t my fancy.

I think it’s too much vanilla, or maybe not; it’s hard to tell even while I’m sniffing it right now… And if I spray even very little of this, it makes Leather Scent and New Car Scent smell like I sprayed fake scents!!! It smells ok by itself.

I spray it above tires where it always stays dirty & mud gets trapped (right on the dirt, if any)… Now the exterior smells like the car has been shampooed recently or somewhat classic deluxe aroma to it…

with interior it’s best to spray it on a rag… it’ll prematurely age any surface.”- Yunus

3. Febreze Unstopables Car Odor

Total Ratings: 25,624

Febreze Unstopables


Febreze Unstopables vent clips eliminate odors and provide long-lasting fresh scents for cars. Compact odor-fighting design clips onto vents effortlessly, leaving cars smelling clean without overpowering or artificial smells. Reliable, easy-to-use car freshener that makes rides continually pleasant.

Helpful Review:

“I’ve been using Febreze Unstopables Vent Clips for a few weeks now, and I’m impressed with them. They’re small and unobtrusive, but they pack a powerful punch when it comes to eliminating odors.

I’ve tried other car air fresheners before that either didn’t work at all or masked the odors with an even stronger, artificial scent. But these clips are different. They seem to neutralize the odors, leaving my car smelling fresh and clean.

I like the fresh scent. It’s not too strong or overpowering, but it’s still noticeable and pleasant. And the best part is that it lasts! I’ve had the clips in my car for a few weeks now, and I can still smell the fresh scent every time I get in. The clips are also very easy to use.

You just clip them onto your car’s vent and adjust the scent level to your liking. They’re also very affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to keep your smell great. I would recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a way to eliminate odors and freshen up their car.”- Matt Browder

“The Febreze Unstopables Car Odor-Fighting Car Freshener Vent Clip is a game-changer for anyone seeking a delightful and long-lasting fragrance experience in their vehicle. This tiny vent clip may be small, but its impact is mighty! As soon as I attached it to my car vent, a refreshing burst of fresh scent filled the air, instantly transforming my driving experience.

The odor-fighting technology works like magic, eliminating stubborn odors and replacing them with an irresistible and invigorating aroma that makes my car feel brand new every time I step inside.

What I love most about this car freshener is its longevity. Unlike other air fresheners that lose their potency after a few days, the Febreze Unstopables Car Vent Clip keeps my car smelling fantastic for weeks. It’s the perfect companion for long road trips or daily commutes, making every ride a delightful experience.

The compact design is also a plus – it doesn’t obstruct the airflow, and its sleek appearance adds a touch of style to my car’s interior. If you’re looking for a reliable, easy-to-use, and long-lasting car freshener that leaves your vehicle smelling fresh and inviting, look no further than the Febreze Unstopables Car Odor-Fighting Car Freshener Vent Clip. It’s a must-have addition to any car and ensures you’ll always breathe easy on the go!”- Emmanuel

4. LITTLE TREES Air Fresheners

Total Ratings: 44,109



Original Little Trees car air freshener provides long-lasting new car fragrance using specialized technologies and premium ingredients. Freshens vehicles, home, bathrooms, laundry, pet areas. Made in the USA meeting strict quality and safety standards.

Helpful Review:

“I’ve always loved these smellers because they bring back good memories of road trips from my childhood.

You have to buy from Amazon directly if you want the freshest. You can see the R0-XX code on the back of the bag (not the one on the paper backing) near the copyright to see how new it is. The photos aren’t updated, so you just have to buy it. Ones with R0-16 or 17 are likely as old as 2016. Mine are 2020. The old ones ONLY LAST TWO DAYS.

The best ones (I’ve smelled almost all of them cause I bought the collectors pack) :

1. Daisy Fields

2. Summer Linen

3. True North (this one is very potent – keep the bag on – even the 2016 ones)

4. Morning Fresh

5. Black Ice (but I don’t want my car to smell like that)

The worst:

1. New Car Smell

2. Celebrate (it does smell like vanilla cake though)

3. Leather”- Joe Pemberton

“I like the smell, I have read other reviews saying that the “black ice” smells like cheap cologne in a good way. And I would have to say that they are right. I love the smell of it. I also read reviews saying that the sent instantly dies off after a few days.

I didn’t have that problem at all. I will say when you initially unwrap it and put it in your car it’s strong. I’ve been using the same one in my car for about 2 months and you can’t smell it without the air blowing. But as soon as I turn on the air I can smell it great, neither too strong nor weak. I got these because the previous owner of the car was a smoker and I was able to smell a hint of smoke but this air freshener got rid of that.”- Marcus

5. PURGGO Car Air Freshener

Total Ratings: 6,276


PURGGO eliminates odors naturally using 100% bamboo charcoal without chemicals, plastic, or fragrance. Lasts over 365 days, longer than common fresheners. Sustainable design made with renewable bamboo and hemp. Healthy for people with allergies or breathing issues.

Helpful Review:

“Seems to work great. A large surface area means it can remove more odors faster. Hanging it behind the seat means more airflow, which also facilitates odor removal. If you have a large vehicle, like a family van, you will need more than 1 to do the job.

Remember, these are passive. It’s just activated charcoal, so it can only absorb odors that get passed by the bag through normal airflow. These work well, of course, you just may need more than 1 to make sure you cover each zone of your vehicle.

I bought this one after first only finding the beige version. The interior of my Uber van is black so I wanted something that would blend in.

The cover on this is a dark grey, but it blends in nicely with my black leather. I also bought several of the smaller versions of this product from the same manufacturer and hung them on the sides of the seats to cover even more area. Great product, and looks more professional and less obtrusive than other brands I tried that have more raggedy covers”- tj

“I was very skeptical about this Car Air Freshener. I have spent hundreds of dollars on many products that claim to rid vehicles of odors, especially smoke odors. I have quite a few smokers in my family, and friends that smoke as well.

I have learned over the years to never use the ashtrays in cars, and I buy the self-extinguishing ashtrays that sit in the cup holders….like this one – Roadpro X-Large Self-Extinguishing Ashtray – Roadpro RP-452L….or the short ones.

With these ashtrays, you can empty them every day and the ashes/butts are not left in the car’s ashtray. These ashtrays work, but you can still smell smoke. My husband bought me one of those little air fresheners you stick in the vent…and it smelled good but it was very overpowering….and I love strong scents.

So I saw This Purggo Freshener and decided to give it a try. I took it out of the package and put it in my car immediately. I live in Central Texas where it has been over 100 degrees for well over a month…with the Heat Index over 110 degrees. Every day. To me…everything stinks worse when it’s hot. So between the smoke smell…and dog smells and just everyday smells…my car stinks bad!

I had to get new tires on my car the next day….and I didn’t tell my husband about the new Purggo that I hung behind my driver’s seat headrest. You can’t see it because my interior is the same Charcoal color as the Purggo…. the seats in my car are fairly tall <I have a Dodge Charger> and my windows are tinted Limo dark.

The Purggo works SO WELL that he didn’t even smell the Glad Vent freshener he put in there. He asked me if I had taken it down, and I pointed to it stuck in my vent. He thought something was wrong with it because he didn’t smell it.

I showed him the Purggo and told him what it was what it was supposed to do and that I had put it in the car the day before. He asked me to get him one, so I did just that.

I took all the other air fresheners out of my car because this Purggo works so well that you can’t smell ANYthing!! There’s no smell whatsoever. If you want to put a nice smelly in your car with the Purggo….you’ll be wasting your money. Unless you take the Purggo out for a few days and hang a freshener up. But then if you/anyone smokes in your car it will stink again.

Bottom Line – this thing does exactly as it says – it takes ALL the smells out of your vehicle. As for how long it will work, I’ve only had mine for a week so I will post updates every few months….good or bad.

Would I recommend it? ABSOLUTELY! It is a bit pricey…but if I don’t have to spend any more money to get rid of the smells…I think this Purggo Air Freshener is worth every penny!” Cathie

6. Meguiar’s Whole Car Air Refresher

Total Ratings: 20,047

Meguiar's Whole Car Air Refresher


Meguiar’s single-use aerosol air refresher eliminates tough odors and leaves a pleasant new car scent. Sprays through the ventilation system to penetrate the entire car interior and remove cigarette smoke, pet, and workout gear smell. Easy to use by recirculating air for 30 minutes.

Helpful Review:

“HOLY SMOKES! Or shall I say, ”Holy no more smokes!” I’m an ex-smoker, who HATED the way my car smelled after quitting. My nice new car smells like an ashtray. It also smelled like milk that my son had spilled, and he had gotten car sick a few times.

I recently had to be the driver to a family event and didn’t want my dad to be grossed out. I didn’t have time to get my car detailed, so I ordered this and hope for the best. It’s AMAZING!

I detailed my car myself first. Removed everything out of it, vacuumed it, and wiped down the interior. I followed the directions and let it sit in the car with the windows shut and the AC blowing for 15 minutes.

I think the can must have run out before the time was up because it wasn’t spraying when I opened the door (not sure how long it actually “fogged” for). I let the car air out and was super impressed at how good it smelled. It has a classic Meguiar’s new car scent.

I was afraid it would be too heavy or perfumey…. the last thing I wanted to do was give people a headache. It has a very crisp, clean scent. It’s seriously smells like fresh air!! It’s been 3 weeks and I still smell it coming through my air vents! Absolutely no smoky smell anymore and every other odor has been eliminated.

The first thing my dad said when he got in the car was “Wow! You got your car detailed, didn’t you?!” 😉 ha!

I highly recommend this! I plan on doing it again in a month or so. Perfect for using in newly purchased used cars, or if you need to remove smoke/kid/pet odors.”- Sarah

“I’ve used this odor eliminator on four occasions (1st time buying it on Amazon). The product does what it aims to eliminate odors from your vehicle. As long as you follow the directions as its written, you will get the intended results.

I am, unfortunately, a smoker, but this helps eliminate the cigarette smell from my car. I used this product when I tried to quit smoking the 1st time, and it did a good job stopping the odor from the vehicle.

However, I recommend adding other things to ensure the odor eliminator will last long.

1 – Change your cabin air filter BEFORE you do this.

Doing this will ensure that you start with a clean cabin air filter before using the product. When people say it doesn’t last long… it’s usually because they forgot to do this step…or they smoke in their vehicles.

2 – Ensure you don’t have food/drink/trash/etc. hiding underneath your seats

Drive-thru meals…coffee/drink spills…this is obvious.

3 – Remove anything scented (febreeze, etc.)

I’d judge the Odor Eliminator spray after you’ve given it a fair shot.”- Bo Kyung

7. Ceeniu Smart Car Air Fresheners

Total Ratings: 2,258


Smart auto on/off car air freshener turns on and off with the car to save energy. Quiet, adjustable scent levels fill the car quickly. Uses natural, alcohol-free fragrances safe for all and long-lasting. The built-in battery recharges fast and lasts 40 days. Durable aluminum design with a 1-year warranty and a wide variety of leak-free refill scents.

Helpful Review:

“I recently purchased the Ceeniu Smart Car Air Freshener in the Black Matte finish, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. This innovative device has truly transformed my driving experience, and I’m excited to share my thoughts in this review. First and foremost, the atomization technology used in this air freshener is a game-changer.

The Ceeniu Smart Car Air Freshener not only eliminates unwanted odors but also provides a luxurious and consistent scent that enhances the ambiance of your car. The adjustable concentration feature is a brilliant addition, allowing you to customize the fragrance intensity to your preference.

One of the standout features is the extended lifespan of each perfume bottle. With a single bottle lasting up to 4 months, you can enjoy long-lasting freshness without the hassle of frequently replacing the scent. This not only saves you money but also reduces environmental waste. The auto on/off feature is incredibly convenient.

It ensures that your car is always filled with a delightful scent when you step in, and it conserves the built-in battery for optimal usage. Speaking of the battery, I appreciate that the Ceeniu Smart Car Air Freshener comes with a rechargeable battery, which further adds to its eco-friendliness.

The black matte finish of the device is sleek and stylish, seamlessly blending with any car interior. It’s not only a functional accessory but also an aesthetic upgrade. In conclusion, the Ceeniu Smart Car Air Freshener has exceeded my expectations in every way.

It provides a new and refreshing smell experience, enhances the atmosphere of my car, and offers excellent value for the price. If you want your car to smell great and look even better, I highly recommend the Ceeniu Smart Car Air Freshener. It’s a must-have for any car owner.”- Mohammad alnabrawi

“I purchased two devices, one for my husband’s car and mine. Overall, great product – highly recommend it and would purchase it again.

SHIPPING/PACKAGING: Shipping was fast, the packaging was very nice, comes with 1 scent per device, and the setup was a snap.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: One device worked perfectly but unfortunately, the other did not work. It charged fine and the settings button worked but it would not actually “puff” any scent out. The exchange was very simple – just submitted for a replacement on my original Amazon order and a new (working) device arrived 2 days later! I’m very happy with the customer service and ease of replacement.

PROS: The scent is great (I ordered green bamboo) and not overpowering or “chemical” smelling. Provides a natural, fresh scent to your vehicle. The auto (smart) feature is amazing – as soon as I open my car door it begins working (it senses the movement/vibration). 3 “speed” settings; control how often you want the device to “puff” out the scent. This allows you to control the strength of the scent.

There is Low, High, and Smart – -low, and you have to turn them on/off manually and then it runs automatically puffing every few minutes from there. The Smart setting turns itself on and off by sensing movement/vibration in your vehicle.

Literally, as soon as I open my car door – it puffs out a dose of scent and continually puffs every few minutes while the car is running – turns off after the car is off and no longer detects vibration. It’s nice to not worry about turning it on and off each time you get in/out of your car – nor does it waste the scent or the device’s battery when you’re not in your car.

The battery lasts pretty long and I love that this is a WIRELESS device. It does not need to stay plugged in to work! I charge it up (it works while charging) about once a week, and then it runs the rest of the week without the cord. I simply store the USB charging cord in my middle console so it’s a breeze.

CONS: The liquid scent comes in a little jar that sits/screws into the bottom of the device and is very oily and can easily leak during setup and when changing the scent refill. It’s very important to keep the device in a cup holder or a confined space where it cannot tip over – it will leak everywhere if it’s not sitting upright. Will stain upholstery and leather seats, and can get all over the device and your car.

To clarify – the device does not leak when working and placed properly in a cup holder- just be careful when replacing scents or moving the device around and I highly caution against keeping this anywhere in your car other than the cup holder.”- Brandi Julian

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How to Shop for Car Air Fresheners Like a Pro?

Here are some tips for shopping for car air fresheners like a pro:

Choose the Right Scent

There are tons of different air freshener scents to choose from. Think about what smells you enjoy – fruity, floral, fresh linen, etc. You’ll be smelling it every time you drive, so pick a scent you love. You can also find scents that match the season like pine or pumpkin spice.

Consider the Type

Air fresheners come in various forms:

  • Hanging air fresheners – These hang from your rearview mirror and scented oil gets absorbed into a wick or pad. They provide fragrance continuously over weeks or months.
  • Vent clips – These clips onto the slats of your car’s vent and blast fragrance when the fan is on. Great for quick fragrance boosts.
  • Gels/cans – Contain scented gel or oil that slowly releases fragrance over time. Need to be replaced once the scent fades.
  • Sprays – Give an instant burst of fragrance but don’t last as long as other types. Great for getting rid of odors quickly.

See what works best for your needs and preferences. Hanging and gel fresheners provide the most longevity.

Mind the Form

Make sure to get an air freshener in the right shape and size for your car. Oversized hanging fresheners can obstruct your view. Vent clips need to properly fit your vents. Check dimensions and reviews to verify the product fits your make and model of car.

Go for Quality over Price

Cheap air fresheners often stop smelling nice quickly or can emit an overwhelming chemical-like smell. Spend a little more on quality brands made with essential oils and premium fragrance ingredients. This ensures a pleasant, consistent smell that lasts. Brands like Febreze and Little Trees are very popular for good reason!

Consider Refills

See if the brand offers refills if you find an air freshener you love. Refill packs can save you money compared to buying a whole new air freshener each time. Just make sure to note when it’s time to swap in fresh refills.

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