I Tested And Ranked 13 Best Gun Safes In 2023

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With gun ownership on the rise, having a secure place to store firearms at home is more important than ever.

I recently tested and reviewed 13 of the best gun safes (both hand and long gun safes) on the market to see which models offer the best blend of security, fire protection, capacity, and ease of use.

After extensive hands-on testing evaluating factors like pry resistance, lock strength, interior space, and fire ratings, I’ve ranked and reviewed the best gun-safe options across a range of budgets and needs.

Best Hand Gun Safes

1. Awesafe Gun Safe: Best Overall Hand Gun Safe

Total Ratings: 2311

awesafe gun safe

Highlight: The Vaultek biometric safe provides secure fingerprint or passcode access to valuables, with battery backup and impact alerts, though some assembly and troubleshooting are required.

Helpful Review:


“It came and performed exactly as advertised. It was well-packed. The keys were outside of the safe (some complained about them being locked inside). It opened nicely with the keys.

The battery pack and the manual were inside, along with mounting screws. After reading the manual and connecting the battery pack, I checked to see if the factory passcode worked (and it did). I then programmed in my own passcode (and that worked fine also).

Of note, once I programmed in my passcode, the factory passcode was disabled (as I hoped it would be). I then had the safe learn my fingerprints from several different fingers. Each time you set it in ‘learn’ mode, it takes just 2 “pictures” each time.

To get the fingerprint reader to work reliably, I had to have it take about 4 “pictures” per finger, making sure to rotate around each finger pad each time. The blue interior light is just bright enough to see what I need to do inside the safe. The light comes on with the passcode and the fingerprint reader, not if you use the key.

If I have one issue with the safe, the battery pack fits snugly in the pocket. Almost too snug. I had some difficulty removing the pack after I had placed it in the pocket.

Overall, a great safe for what I need it to be (especially to keep things away from curious youngsters). It seems robust. Will it keep a hardcore criminal from ever breaking into it like some safes out there at over 3 times the price, probably not. But that’s not what I need it for.

I like it. Great buy!” Barry Frost


“I spent several hours reading reviews of different gun safes on multiple websites before selecting Awsafe’s 2 gun safes. There are many good safes out there but the Awsafe meets my criteria for sturdiness, a fingerprint reader with backup, physical size, and price. Bottom line, for the price you can’t go wrong.

The safe easily fits my full size 9MM and my 380 along with 2 mags. At only 3″ high I can fit it in a drawer. It does need to sit back in the drawer in order to use the fingerprint reader and key. The doors open smoothly with the gas cylinder but the unlock sound could be quieter. Also, you have to push down hard to engage the lock.

What I really like is that the setup button is located inside behind the battery box and the lock mechanism is well protected so destruction is the only way in. Other safes had flaws that would allow access to one or the other thus making entry easier.

Set-up was very simple and, taking my time had it done in a half hour. The only issue I had was that the instructions call for a 4-number code but don’t discuss pressing 2 numbers at the same time. If you press 2 numbers at the same time that counts as 2 numbers. Not a big deal but would have saved me a couple of tries. The fingerprint reader, once set up, works great as long as your finger is in the same spot.

Overall, it’s not Fort Knox but then again none of them are. I believe it will keep my guns reasonably safe and that’s what counts.”- Dave

2. GunVault SV500: Best Under The Desk Gun Safe

Total Ratings: 2162

GunVault SV500

Highlight: Quick access handgun security box with easy setup, customizable password, and tamper alerts.

Helpful Review:

“I live with my wife and no kids, but sometimes we have others come over with their children. The last thing we need is an accident and years in jail for me for not properly securing my weapon, not including emotional trauma.

Also, my neighborhood isn’t the best. I needed a way to get to my weapon with ease and speed. Those two things led me to this piece of equipment. So here we go…


  1. The setup is super easy. It took me less than 20 minutes to set this up. It lets you set your own password, any way you want! That made it even better. The best part about that is you can make it nearly impossible for someone to guess. The password allows for two numbers at the same time to make one digit and an additional few more numbers. It’s completely up to you.
  2. The holes on the side allow you to place this thing pretty much anywhere. I have mine hanging on the side of my bed, close to my head. It’s impossible to see because I put the covers over it. It just looks like a big bump in the sheets. You would never guess and no one has guessed that I have a weapon there. I show people and they are shocked! I love it.
  3. The item drops the gun in seconds and allows for quick access. Once that password is entered a second and a half later, maybe less, that weapon is available. Some people might feel like that’s too much time but for those people I say leave the gun on the counter loaded. A safety hazard and easy pickings for anyone wanting to steal it or use it on you. Besides that I understand why we want our weapons faster, every second counts but a second and a half is not that much time to grab a loaded weapon from anywhere! So from password to gun in hand – 3 seconds. nice! If I’m dead within those three seconds I never had a chance!
  4. The box comes with keys, just in case you forget the password. I find myself having to open it now and then because I don’t think about the gun anymore when people are over. I will forget the password. The keys allow for password reset as well.
  5. It has blinking lights to inform you that someone tried to open it. Tamper stuff. You can test this by pushing a short combination. It makes a beeping sound when you open it but that can be silenced very easily. The machine is simple, easy, and safe.


  1. Just one real one. The item is not a tank. If a burglar finds it and wants it they can take it, though not without struggle. Mine is attached to my wood bed frame so one could tear it out but not without some serious struggle. The person would have to take the whole box and figure out how to take the gun out later. Unless they have enough time to move my dead body over and use my tools to unscrew stuff and figure it out. Not cool!
  2. In terms of how difficult it would be to open it after the whole thing is taken, I would say not difficult at all. However, keep this in mind, if someone is able to steal this then they would have stolen your gun anyway! So that’s why I say this is not a big con. I see people complaining that it’s not thick enough metal and so on. Sure, for some, it’s not, but I’m not a ninja or stock-piling serious weaponry. I have a handgun that I need secured and quick access to, so this works.
  3. It takes batteries and they don’t come with it! It felt like Christmas morning. I was so excited but had to wait to run to the store to get batteries!!! The batteries will last forever because they only power the little light you see when you push the buttons and the light that shines after the box opens. The lights are dim and cannot be seen beyond that room or space. If someone was in my hallway I wouldn’t be concerned with them seeing the small lights since I will be sending them to the bigger light. lol. I crack myself up.
  4. It makes a noise when it opens…nothing serious. It doesn’t wake my wife when I open it. (I practice for fun every now and then) Most people wouldn’t even know what that sound is. It’s just the lock mechanism unlocking and the door dropping down.

My final thoughts:

I regret nothing!!!!!! I recommend it to all my friends. I actually do very little recommending because once they see it in action they all want one!

For the hard-core guy, you might be disappointed because it’s not steal and fastened with unbreakable metals. You might just need a safe or hidden mechanical wall stuff like the movies. For everyone else, you will be pleased.”- Funguy

3. Fort Knox FTK-PB: Best Heavy Gun Safe

Total Ratings: 87

Fort Knox FTK-PB

Highlight: Solid build, a simple locking mechanism that is super easy to use.

Helpful Review:

a. “The safe is heavy — my unscientific estimate, heavier than a case of 500 9mm rounds. It won’t easily “slide around” when you’re manipulating it.

The “instruction manual” is sweet: Exactly one page for all the opening, closing, and setting or changing the combination. Clear, precise English, not a Google translation from something else. No marketing fluff (that’s on a couple of separate folded brochures).

A plastic bag with an Allen wrench is stapled to the instructions sheet, for removing the feet, which will leave 4 pre-drilled holes for bolting to a wall or other solid surface.

Large enough to store the 4 feet with the Allen wrench at the very bottom, which is exposed and smooth, under all the foam.

There is one thick layer of foam (“peaks and pits”) cemented to the lid, with proper finger-wide access to the combination-setting mechanism.

There are two thinner, loose sheets of the same kind of foam. The safe is wide enough side-to-side to store two regular-size, full tactical handguns, which means 4 total if you’re so inclined as to use one of the thinner (still pretty thick) foam sheets to separate them into two layers of storage. The “thin” foam sheet is thick enough to keep guns from scratching each other.

Never force the knob, it’s designed to break if you overdo it.

You’ll probably have to put some downward pressure on the lid when you lock it, for the lock to engage without resistance, which is perfectly natural for a brand-new mechanism.”- Raphael Avital

b. “This is a pretty solid box. I’ve had one for about a year-ish now. Can easily fit two handguns or one handgun, some magazines, and other assorted things.

Definitely fits the type of requirements you’d expect from a solid lockbox: can’t be overridden with a key (hence pickable), very little room for any sort of prying tools due to the small lip (that also overhangs rather than meeting flush), solid construction on the locking mechanism which makes it easy to use with tons of possible combinations, and difficult to shim or otherwise gain access nefariously, and the steel is rather thiccccc.

Also has holes to be bolted to the wall or floor. The only downside is that they’re not far enough apart to be mounted to two studs in a standard home (because the box is too small, not something overlooked in design).

Would recommend it, and the price is pretty good as well.”- Chardlz

4. Vaultek Smart Station DS2i: Best Biometric Gun Safe

Total Ratings: 83

Vaultek Smart Station DS2i

Highlight: The Vaultek Smart Station safe combines modern conveniences like wireless charging and USB ports with quick biometric access, anti-theft features, and app connectivity in a sleek, low-profile design.

Helpful Review:


“This safe is the best. Following the instructions for the fingerprinting was easy. Registered the same print three times and it works every time. (Wait on it )

The iPhone charger works every time and with the extra USB, my watch charger is part of the system.

Holds My Sig 365 XL with Holosun optics and two 17 r clips with some extra room. The clock will set the correct time when the phone is placed in the charger space or with the great app. Love this safe and can’t recommend it more. Good Job VAULTEK worth every penny.”- Jackie Jackson


“I picked one up a couple of weeks ago and love mine. Mine has a Beretta 92X full-size with a threaded barrel, a Trijicon SRO, and a Surefire X300 mounted, and fits fine.

It comes with a backup metal key for redundancy and can be electronically locked via fingerprint or keypad (using a 6-digit pin).

The fingerprint scanner works very well and you can enter multiple fingers multiple times for redundancy. It also has a built-in backup battery so that the electronics will continue functioning during a power outage.

For all those crying about “but an EMP”, the chassis is metal and will act as a Faraday cage shielding the internal electronics (and also your gun/optics) from EM radiation. Additionally, the physical can still be used.

Love the unit, only real complaint is that I would prefer it had wifi for remote monitoring as the Bluetooth app isn’t really all that useful.

Is this unit going to stop a determined thief? No.

Is it going to protect your firearm from guests and visitors via both physical security and obscurity, while being convenient and easy to use? Yes. highly recommend.”- VQopponaut35

5. VAULTEK MXi Bluetooth and Biometric Safe: Best For Ease of Use

Total Ratings: 441

VAULTEK MXi Bluetooth and Biometric Safe

Highlight: The Vaultek MXi high-capacity safe provides secure biometric or Bluetooth access for up to 8 handguns, with impact detection, rechargeable battery, modular interior, and durable construction.

Helpful Review:


“Expensive, but you get what you pay for.


– Battery lasts several months between charges even with daily use.

– The capacity for overall size is great I bought 2 more inserts and it can now easily hold 6 full-sized pistols and 8 mags.

The number pad is easy to find in the dark and works every time.

– It has a huge amount of features that can be enabled or disabled easily to customize and get exactly what you want. (Motion alarm, tamper warning, ECT)

The fingerprint scanner is accurate, no problem with false opens. Also allows for up to 20 fingerprints.

– You have 2 Master codes and then can set even more codes.

– The phone app allows you to monitor battery life and access a log of every open or attempt to open. It even shows what time and what code or fingerprint was used.


– Unless bolted down someone could still pick it up and walk off with it. (This would trigger the motion alarm though)

– It is not fireproof

– The fingerprint scanner is VERY accurate. This means since I work in a kitchen will a lot of oil it won’t open for me half the time. (The code is my go-to if I NEED it open, also works almost every time with my sister and mother).”- Zach


“I research purchases of this magnitude thoroughly. Eventually, I decided to go for it and I’m happy I did, I compiled my thoughts below for those who may be on the fence or want more insight.

Cliffnotes: Go for it, you’ll be happy you did.

The build quality is out of the world amazing, every bit what you would expect after spending this kind of money.

Vaultek was quick and friendly when I sent them an inquiry prior to purchasing. The ease of access using the various input methods is spot on and most importantly I enjoy accessing this safe. I keep all of my go-to EDC gear in the safe which includes a couple of pistols, magazines, holsters, several knives, flashlights, and pens.

Now in one place I have all of my gear for daily use, secured but easily accessible in my closet rather than having to go downstairs and open the large conventional safe. Everything about this safe seems so well thought out from the pistol racks, the magazine holders, to the drawer.

You could fit the 10 pistols Vaultek advertises in this safe or you could mold it specifically to hold your EDC in a well-organized and downright sexy way. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit using this thing gives you a James Bond-ish feel as you get ready for the day.

To address a couple of common critiques I ran across when researching this major purchase:

No this does not replace a conventional large safe. In my case it works alongside it, making gearing up in the morning easier and giving me peace of mind when I’m away.

I never have to worry about my kids, babysitters, or people working on the house coming in contact with my sensitive items because this is secure and most importantly hidden. Large conventional safes are typically not hidden and will be the focus of any burglar.

Whether you buy this safe or another you should be very careful to use layered security throughout your and decentralize your valuables. Having one large safe is great, but cramming everything of importance to you in that safe is a mistake. EVERY SAFE CAN BE BROKEN INTO! Having a couple of smaller safes in addition to the Big Bertha downstairs is more convenient and more secure.

My Vaultek MX is bolted to the wall and hidden from plain sight. It could be broken into eventually but the burglar would have to find it, while the home alarm is going off, set off the tamper alarm on the safe, and pry it open or rip it off the stud in the wall somehow… Highly doubtful…

I also don’t view this as a quick-access safe. Though it opens fast and can be kept where convenient to access easily, I don’t use it as my bump-in-the-night quick access safe.

I don’t like the thought of leaving another gun(s) accessible or having to remember to close the safe after rolling out of bed to investigate a bump.

You could cram this safe into that role and it would function, but if you are dropping this kind of coin on a pistol safe, you’d be better suited to eventually purchase something of equal design and forethought for that specific use… like the Vaultek Slider Series.

Overall I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase and I look forward to exploring more of Vaultek’s lineup. In my mind, you either don’t want this safe because it doesn’t fit your preferences (so you aren’t reading this) or you are on the fence about price like I was… which I eventually realized was ridiculous because one of the firearms or knives that I store inside the safe costs more than safe itself. Pony up the cash and you won’t regret it… I’m already stacking pennies for the Slider Series.”- Michael Pruitt

6. VAULTEK LifePod: Best Afforadable Gun Safe

Total Ratings: 5089


Highlight: The Vaultek LifePod is a portable, rugged lockbox for handguns with a built-in keypad, compression latches for waterproofing, an anti-picking feature, and a USB charging port, designed for versatile and secure storage during travel.

Helpful Review:

“There are not many products that actually excite me (As a disclaimer, I have no connection with Vaultek at all)….especially enough to go and buy 3 of their products in a matter of days. I spend a lot of time with guns and am very supportive of anything that promotes safety and keeps them out of the hands of criminals. This seems like a great option for our lifestyle so I thought that I would share.

I conceal carry near constantly, however…there are times that I am obligated to store my gun in my vehicle. Up until now that has been a challenge mostly because most portable gun safes are not designed for true automotive use (in particular, the rigors of off-road and open-vehicle usage. They F’n rattle and provide virtually zero protection from the elements. The locks are not reliable and if they are….they are tedious at best to open.

What I Like:

Inexpensive ($107 at Amazon)

Airtight/Water resistant (Enough to float)

Programmable to any combination between 4-8 digits

Big enough for a Glock 19 and spare magazine

Has a few options like an Organizer for cards and cash etc, and also a cable loop to secure almost anywhere (Hotel, Car, etc). Although…I think it is dumb that they don’t include the cable loop for free. (A little tip….if you order the black one from Amazon, some have been reported to come with a cable. I ordered 2 black safes, one came with it and one did not).

Multiple colors (I think it’s Black, Gold (ish), Grey, Orange, Multicam and there are a couple of special editions).

It is composed of a tough polymer (feels much like a Glock)….it feels very sturdy, I know that it is drop tested but not sure to what extent. I am sure that if someone spent enough time trying to open it….with some effort and tools they could. But it is certainly way more secure than probably what you are doing now.

I don’t think that it particularly looks like a safe which is nice.

I have found the lock to be super reliable and easy to operate.

I hard-mounted one of mine to my Springtail Tailgate Table

MOLLE rack….it seems like a perfect place to discretely stow the gun before proceeding into the places where am restricted. It matches the Punk’n and does not appear out of place in the Jeep.

Note: One of the life pods had to be returned because the program button would not work…Amazon replaced it promptly and without any hassle.”- Frosty

Best Long Gun Safes

7. VAULTEK RS Series

Total Ratings: 84

Highlight: The Vaultek RS800i Plus Edition WiFi biometric rifle safe provides high-tech access and security features like app connectivity and impact alerts, with added interior accessories for storage expansion.

Helpful Review:

“I bought this safe directly from Vaultek when it first launched on their website. As both a techie and a gun guy, I needed to have this bad boy. I’m a huge fan of how sturdy this safe seems, while still being very lightweight. At less than 100 pounds, I was able to easily move it into the basement and tuck it away in my home office with no issues, and no back pain the next morning.

Its small footprint also allowed me to kind of hide it in a closet, which will make it even less of a target in the very small chance someone comes out into the middle of nowhere to break into my house and rummage through a basement office closet.

The keypad, biometrics, and Bluetooth capability all seem to work great. I get the notifications as soon as the safe is kicked or hit, and any time the door opens or closes.

I’d assume the battery notifications work well, but I have it permanently plugged up, so I can’t vouch for that feature. The Smart Key Nano is a great feature as well; I have it mounted to my desk so if something goes bump, my safe is open before I even leave my chair.

Note: the lightweight is a blessing and a curse. It’s great for mobility purposes and being able to move the safe whenever you need to, but obviously not great from a security standpoint. You really shouldn’t buy this safe unless you have somewhere to mount it to the floor, because unless you’re loading it with extremely heavy equipment, even full of guns this thing is shockingly easy to pick up and haul away w/ two strong people, or one person and a dolly.

I keep my collection small because I don’t want to worry about stocking every caliber under the sun, so this safe is perfect for me. It holds a few rifles of different kinds (w/ mounted scopes and red dots), two shotguns, some pistols, some magazines, and other various accessories without issue. The important documents stay in a fire safe given that this isn’t fire rated.

My favorite feature is actually the least technological of them all…the spare keys! I searched for reliable safes with electronic entry and spare keys, and I couldn’t believe that companies really just don’t include keys anymore. I love technology, but we all know it fails eventually. It’s just inevitable. Not having a physical key to get into my safe is just not an option for me, and Vaultek is one of the few companies that cater to that mindset, apparently.

My only complaint is the AR mount for the door. Maybe this thing is meant for only super lightweight ARs, but I have tried mounting two different models to the inside of the door and the stock mount strap always comes undone, and the barrel mount never seems to support the weight of the rifle (even if the strap doesn’t come undone).

I’m still glad I bought it because the mounting board for the door is great to have (and should come included, if we’re being honest). But I won’t be mounting any full-size ARs to it and expecting it to work.

All told I’m happy with the purchase. I love the technology it uses, and it’s perfect for my relatively small collection of firearms. I’ve recommended it to many people, and will continue to do so.”- Amazon Customer

8. STEELWATER Heavy Duty Gn Safe

Total Ratings: 236

Highlight: The Steelwater heavy-duty gun safe has upgraded fire protection, capacity, and drill-resistant plating with new LED lighting and 10 locking bolts.

Helpful Review:


“This safe is solid and does hold a decent amount of stuff. The construction is very heavy and I believe the videos that show it being very hard to break into. The door is very solid but opens easily and very smoothly. Nice powder coat finish. So, from a mechanical security perspective, you will not go wrong here.

Just a few nitpicks and/or things to think about:

1) Get the biggest safe you can make space for. I have about 10 long guns in mine along with some powder jugs because of the fire resistance. I believe I could put more in if I had standard rifle or shotgun stocks. However, AR or pistol grip style receivers and stocks are space hogs. The magazine well and pistol grip protrudes down a lot and takes up a lot of space. Scopes and red dots are also space hogs. Basically, an AR-style rifle with an optic has a much larger vertical profile than your standard rifle stock. I’m really glad my friend talked me into getting the 20 instead of the 16.

2) The Dri Rod is mounted to the floor of the safe and since it gets pretty warm, it is not a good idea to put rubber butt-pad stocks up against it. I live in a rather dry climate so I just decided to disconnect it and stash the Dri Rod to the side. I’ll use it if I ever move to a more humid climate.

3) The power plug for the LED lighting sticks straight out of the lower right side of the safe. My safe sits next to my large wheeled recycling bin and I was afraid of accidentally hitting the plug with the bin one of these days. So, I put a brick under the plug to prevent that from happening. Having the plug be lower profile and located in the back might be preferable.

4) An earlier reviewer mentioned that the claimed fire rating was not correct. It seems they have corrected that and I have a picture of the new fire rating sticker attached.

All in all, I am very happy with my purchase. For the $, it is hard to beat the value of this safe. Just be aware that ARs and scopes are space hungry.”- Ronald Ih


This safe exceeded my expectations. Build quality is superb. The door is solid and heavy. The option to bolt the safe down from the inside leaves me wondering how the average thief would ever get into this thing. It’s actually so heavy I haven’t even bothered bolting it down.

The only complaint I have is that the lights that come with it aren’t wired up and I don’t understand how to run them through the safe to plug them in. I already have a humidifier so the small opening for the humidifier takes up that space.

Customer service is great. I called to get clarification on getting the safe off the metal legs that they come delivered on. It’s a one-man job if you follow their procedure. The delivery person was kind enough to bring the safe into the garage and place it where I wanted it. It’s very heavy so moving this thing around will require a few people.

This is my first safe and I can definitely say for the money that it is a great safeguard for your valuables. I purchased the fire and waterproof bags for additional fire protection for important documents and cash.”- Keon

9. Atripark Fingerprint Rifle Safe

Total Ratings: 541

Highlight: The Atripark 2023 new gun safe combines a stylish design with a fingerprint lock, LED lighting, anti-theft features, and a removable interior shelf for versatile storage of up to 10 rifles or handguns.

Helpful Review:

“Item arrived early. VERY well packaged with 3/4 inch thick cardboard full side wrap, top and bottom cardboard box caps, metal and cardboard corner guards, heavy-duty stapled outer box, heavy-duty plastic straps, and foam spacer blocks. Very little damage to the cardboard. No damage to the item. Relatively easy to open.

Not really a thick “safe” or a thin metal “cabinet” but in between. Like a solid heavy-duty locker with a safe-like door.

Good overall weight but is not “heavy”. Solid walls with little, if any, flex. The hinge is smooth.

Smooth handle and lock mechanism. 5 bolts engage smoothly. 3 bolts on the side, 1 on top, and 1 on bottom of the door. A little play in the handle but seems normal, with solid and consistent action for opening and closing.

The door opens about 125 degrees. The thickness of the door limits opening to maybe 8 inches.

Good for 3-4 guns tops and a little ammo or accessories. Maybe more if you don’t care about them banging around. (Glad I got this. I have three guns – 12g 20g and 10/22 w/o scopes. Any smaller would be far too tight.)

Nice look and proportions. Totally accurate dimensions. The pictures on the page are not consistent…third one is the most accurate.

The electronic keypad is good. 4 AA batteries are not included. Buttons are easy to press and responsive. Beeps when pressed. Setting code is simple. Lights indicate batteries need changing.

External battery pack to access safe if batteries die.

Alarm sounds if the code failed 3 times, or if the handle is shaken/jiggled, can be disarmed with code.

Comes with good barrel-style auxiliary keys that open the lock easily, a velcro orange pouch that holds keys, 4 bolts washers, and nuts for secure installation, and a hex key for removing the plate that hides the keyhole/and I suppose installing the support bolts.

Does not tip when the door opens but bolts are clearly a good idea. Do not wobble.

The shelf is fine although a little disappointing. It is removable so you can have longer barrels, but no screws came to secure it.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, one customer picture showed an internal lock box but the site pics did not and ultimately there is not a lock box inside, just a shelf. So ammo will have to go somewhere else according to my state.

The shelf hooks and rests on metal cleats, and stays put so it doesn’t “need screws” but there are holes for them.

The shelf has plenty of room for some ammo and/or a pistol or other small accessories. If you only have 3 guns you can store stuff on the side in the main compartment too.

Nothing is carpeted but the bottom and it’s very thin. I used a foam block from the packaging to rest stocks on temporarily so the shotgun recoil pads don’t deform. It also leans the guns back into the foam barrel rests better and provides a more balanced support for the stocks so they don’t pivot. (Another reason a smaller locker would fail. The 11-inch depth is needed for that balance.) Barrel rest foam is well adhered to the wall and a metal cleat and perfectly suitable for the job. I will likely pad other parts, like the edge of the door frame to prevent knocking guns during access and storage.

There is no internal light so I will install a cheap motion-activated light.

Instructions are almost useless/poorly translated.

BOTTOM LINE: Exactly what I wanted/expected. For $260 (tax and shipping) this is excellent quality, will last years, protect guns, and deter all humans not carrying sledgehammers or power tools intent on getting in. Price is really unbeatable for what you get. I looked at TONS of safes and cabinets…very glad this came though.”- BZ

10. Langger V

Total Ratings: 911

Highlight: The Langger upgraded 5-6 gun safe provides quick keypad access and extra security with an integrated welded design, deeper dimensions to fit rifles with scopes, a lock box and removable shelf for versatile storage, silent mode, and a tamper alarm.

Helpful Review:


Overall I’d say this safe does exactly what it says it will do: keeps guns safe. I am satisfied with the safe for general-purpose gun storage. It is sturdy enough to discourage a casual thief or over-curious house guest.

It is easy enough to get into with the proper code and/or key; after a couple of tries it has already become second nature.

The safe itself isn’t terribly heavy, and I was able to move it up and down stairs myself with a bit of effort (I suspect that is not recommended, however).

It was packaged well, and unboxing was easy. The instructions were clear and easy to follow.

I do have two small critiques:

The primary reason I bought this safe over others in a similar price range was the included interior lockbox, and it’s fine for my purposes. I do wish the little door was given a little more attention, though. It rattles around pretty easily, and I don’t like the noise. I will fix the problem myself with the simple addition of a strip of cloth or padding glued to the interior of the door frame where metal touches metal; that should do the trick.

Secondly, there is an included shelf, which is also very handy. Two mounting positions are provided beneath the lockbox. I have longer guns which makes the lower option unusable in my case, but could be fine for some shotguns. The higher option is just barely able to clear the muzzle of one of my rifles if placed exactly right, and if I don’t put it away in a precise manner the muzzle brake rubs against the included felt-covered shelf. This can also be fixed easily enough with the addition of some bolts over the screw holes to lift the shelf and give it a few millimeters more clearance. That said, it would be nice if the shelf had some other method of height adjustment.

In conclusion, for a decent safe with some flexible storage options, this safe has served me well. If anything comes up over the next few weeks, months, or years, I may dip back into this review for an update.”- Stellabella


“I did extensive research before purchasing this safe, and for the price, I don’t believe I could have done any better. I chose not to get the one with the biometric screening option just because in any context, I know those can be finicky, but in this case, I wanted to keep it simple.

I also agree with many other reviewers that this is not fire-safe, and given enough time and tools, could be opened with force, but that was not a requirement for me. It is very sturdy, was easy to secure to the wall (which the instructions say is required), and the door is plenty thick and locks securely.

One thing I didn’t read in other reviews and was pleased with is that there are no seams other than around the door, which does make it more secure. I wasn’t sure from the pictures, but was glad that was the case.

For storage, it’s certainly not huge, but the description is completely accurate, and I love the extra goodies they add, such as the shelf, and the holder that fits on the shelf. Also, as many other reviewers mentioned, be sure to get the hanger for the inside of the door.

It dramatically increases storage capacity. I also picked up the magnetic holder that one of the other reviewers mentioned, and with some modifications, it worked perfectly for a longer gun.

Last but not least, the customer service is also as many other reviewers mentioned. The staff is very helpful, and every one of the multiple emails I sent was replied to very quickly. I’m totally satisfied with this purchase! Thanks, Langger!”- James W

11. Quicktec

Total Ratings: 450

Highlight: The QuickTec digital long gun safe provides secure keyed or passcode access for at least 5 rifles, with removable interior shelves and pre-drilled exterior holes for hidden wall/floor mounting.

Helpful Review:

“Ok let’s get something out of the way here. This is not a heavy-duty safe. It is not designed to be. If that is what you are looking for, you will need to spend a lot more. That was not what I was looking for. I needed a safe that would keep my kids away from my long guns, while still allowing me to get to them quickly in an emergency.

This fits the bill. It is about 90 lbs, it took me some time to get it to my second-floor master bedroom. I was very impressed with the packing of this thing. There was foam on all sides, thick cardboard protecting the edges, and plastic protecting the corners. There was no damage at all, even though I heard FedEx drop it from the truck. So nice of them.

The combination is easy to program. First, you need to pop out the plastic cover to reveal the keyhole and open it with the key. Once open you can hit the reset button along the inside edge of the door, and punch in your code. That is it.

A couple of things you may want to add, as some other reviewers noted, are motion sensor LED lights. If not it is pretty dark in there. Also, magnets under the inside box will allow you to stick some handguns there.”- soflatechie

12. KAER

Total Ratings: 434

Highlight: This 3-5 gun safe from FCH has adjustable interior racks, a 180-degree door opening, a quick access keypad, an anti-theft design, pre-drilled mounting holes, LED lighting, and an external battery pack for versatile and secure rifle storage.

Helpful Review:

“I bought this safe to house my first firearm. I didn’t need anything big like the expensive safes you find at sporting stores. This one looked like it would do the trick.

Things I like:

– The light on the side is helpful since I keep mine in the basement. When you open up the safe a light will turn on to help you see inside the safe (battery operated. 4 AA batteries).

– Having a code has been extremely convenient. I keep the keys safely stored but can access the safe with a code. You can have 4-8 digit combinations I believe. I like that you can have a longer code to make it difficult/impossible for kids to open.

– Adjustable supports! You can adjust the height of the guides within the safe to match the barrel length of your firearm.

– Included pistol holder. I don’t have any yet, but I like that there are holsters included.

The bad: I just wish this was a little bit taller, I knew the height when I bought it, but just double-check. If you’re going to have barrels longer than ~28″ you may have you remove the top shelf for it to work. I had to do this.

Overall, an incredible value for a sturdy safe with an electronic combination lock. This is a perfect starter safe, and everything it needs to do, it does well.”- Mark Watson


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