I Tested And Ranked 7 Best Car Batteries In 2023

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Dead car battery? I know that dreaded feeling when you turn the key and hear a slow whining noise instead of revving engine. You’re not alone. Many drivers experience battery problems each year.

I thoroughly tested and ranked 7 best car batteries on the market in 2023, so you can find a reliable replacement fast. Read on to find the ideal battery for your vehicle and budget!

Note: Rating is accurate at the time of writing.

1. OPTIMA RedTop OPT8022-091: Best Overall Battery

Total Ratings: 1476

OPTIMA RedTop battery

Highlight: The Optima battery performed well over time, lasting through extreme weather and offering strong cranking power, convenient shipping, no maintenance requirements, and noticeable voltage drop before failure compared to standard lead batteries.

Helpful Review:

I’ve included reviews from two buyers.

“Battery delivered on time, simple install. I will give updates along the way.

Update: This battery has been in my 2001 Camaro for 10 months now. It sits on a concrete pad with a high-end car cover on it. Last week the mid-south was hit with extremely low temps., ice, and snow storms.

After sitting idle for 3 weeks I started the car without so much as a bit of hesitation. The gentleman who lives next to the store is a military-trained automotive tech. could not believe it kicked over so easily! Way to go Optima!”- NYB

The first time I bought one of these batteries, I bought it from Auto Zone 4 years ago. I like that I don’t have to worry about adding water or the mess that goes along with all that.

This time I bought from Amazon because of the online conveniences. The cost plus shipping was about the same as Auto Zone was (4 years ago). The best part is that it was delivered to my doorstep.

One thing about these batteries as opposed to regular lead cells is that you never know when a lead cell will die on you. These optima batteries give you plenty of warning in that, eventually, their voltage level slowly starts to lower.

I began to notice that my engine wasn’t cranking with its original snap as when new. This prompted me to check the voltage and noticed it was maintaining about 11.3 volts instead of its original 12 volts +. I probably could have gone on for some time more but it was already 4 years old and it is only warranted for 3 years.” – Bounder

2. OPTIMA Yellow Top Battery OPT8014-045: Best For Large Engines

Total Ratings: 1378

OPTIMA Yellow Top Battery

Highlight: Like the dual post system it is a dual-purpose battery for starting and winching with other accessories.

Helpful Review:

“Fit just fine in my 2000 Mustang GT battery holder. No modification is needed. No clearance issues etc. I should have bought it years ago.

The one I got is: Optima Batteries 8014-045 D34/78 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery

The battery was about 1mm longer than the tray (from front to rear of the car vs left to right), but the tray just stretched out to accommodate. I laughed and said to myself – “Are you serious?!? that’s what I was all worried about?!? Lol!” “Good grief – this fit just fine!!! Lol” 🙂

1st pic shows Mustang.

2nd pic is looking at the battery from the driver’s side – it shows how the tray stretches to accommodate the 1mm increase in size.

3rd shows from the driver’s side looking at the front of the battery in the Mustang – the thing to notice is that the front side didn’t need to stretch since it’s already stretched on the back side.

4th pic shows the Mustang from the front and how it’s installed without the blue adapter, without the large yellow tray adapter, and without the larger of the 2 red adapters. (I left them on top to show how they’re not used)

5th picture is from the driver’s side looking over the battery to show how I used the red clip that came with the Optima. This red clip is the same as the stock black clip. But the new one looks nicer.

6th picture is from the front at headlight level – they show how I didn’t run into any clearance issues.

7th shows no clearance issue.

The pictures help.

See, the Optima site doesn’t list it as fitting in the 2000 Mustang GT. But yet we all know people put them in their mustangs… So the discrepancy between the 2 kept me from buying for a long time.

But all you do is drop it in and lock it down. In hindsight, it was really no different than any other battery I have ever installed.

I used the new clamp that came with the battery vs the factory because because the new one was clean, red, and looked cool, but it was identical in shape to the factory clamp.

There were a few other clamp items (blue tray items) for applications in other vehicle types, and they caught me off guard so I tried to use all of them – partly because I thought they looked cool, but mostly because I didn’t realize that they’re actually for different vehicles; it ended up just being the red one, which was the same as the factory black clip that came with the mustang.

The other ones would raise the battery with no benefit. I don’t remember if there were any clearance issues if it was raised but don’t bother with them unless you’re just having fun with the battery-changing project and just want to see.

You might save them in case you ever get a new car and want to bring the battery – Optima batteries are notorious for lasting a super long time.

But yeah – the yellow-top Optima fit just fine in the 2000 Mustang GT.

I was all worried that I was going to need to get an F150 tray from a salvage yard (which was a pretty neat idea that someone had done successfully) or order a new cool fancy tray (but those aren’t cheap).

Neither is necessary, but they’re good to know because the knowledge helps guarantee that can somehow fit in if your experience is somehow different than mine. But you won’t need to do it.

You can still do stuff like that if you want, but do it after you put your battery in – because if your tray is the hard plastic one like mine, there is absolutely no problem putting it in. No modification to your tray is needed.

I was very happy about how easily it went in. Can’t believe I waffled for years over getting one.

The low price on Amazon helped too. The absolute best battery I could get otherwise was around 120 dollars, but not nearly the same quality as the Optima. The Optima red top wasn’t much more than that on Amazon, but I went yellow because it has an even better battery.

Both the red and yellow are great though – WAY better than other batteries. But most people know that about Optima batteries. I don’t think they need people to endorse them.

I’m writing this not so much because of Optima’s quality (already known), but more so that 2000 Mustang owners know that they can get this and be happy.

It should be the same for any 99-04 Mustang, the red or yellow top. But my knowledge is first hand for the 2000, and the Optima Yellow top Optima Battery that I’m rating: Optima Batteries 8014-045 D34/78 Yellow Top Dual Purpose Battery.”- B J

3. Fanttik T8 APEX 2000 Amp: Best Jump Starter Car Battery

Total Ratings: 10375

Fanttik T8 APEX 2000 Amp

Highlight: The Fanttik T8 Apex jump starter has great features like a handy voltage meter, fast charging, a nice display, and a sleek design; customer service promptly sent a replacement charger, earning high marks.

Helpful Review:

Great jump starter, and great customer service. Mine did not come with a wall brick as stated in the ad. I emailed Fanttik and got a reply the next day.

They requested my order number and address and promptly sent me a charger. A few days later it arrived, A++ for customer service.

Of the three I own I will list the pros and cons. I will not mention flashlights as they all have one and are about the same, also all 3 have a 74 wh battery, and they are all very capable jump starters.

Fantiik T8 Apex pros

1. Voltage meter on display. (not sure why no one else is doing this, it’s super handy)

2. Nice 3″ display with battery percentage, power in/out, and “START” when it’s ready to boost.

3. Fast charge in and out using any PD charger that is capable of 65 watts or more.

4. Sleek design, not too big, cables disconnect for easier use as a battery bank. (personal preference)

5. Least expensive of the three.

Fanttik T8 Apex cons

1. The company isn’t as well known and this is their only jump starter, but great start.

2. 30-second time out in override mode. (won’t be able to drive a vehicle whose battery died due to a dead alternator)

In conclusion, I would recommend the Fanttik for most people. With the lowest cost and some nice features. If you live in a cold climate and need the preheat feature get the Hulkman 85s. If being able to drive a short distance with a bad alternator is a deal breaker, you have to get the Noco.”- blah blah blah

4. ACDelco Battery Asm: Best Battery For Hybrid Vehicle

Total Ratings: 893

ACDelco Battery Asm

Highlight: Higher capacity than the OEM battery, and subjectively feels to be of higher quality.

Helpful Review:

“The main issue I have is the handling of the package by the Amazon delivery person. The battery alone weighs around 53 lbs., and care needs to be taken when moving it.

After reading other reviews, I was concerned about the delivery and chatted with two different Amazon support people about having the box pointing “this end up”. The package had two sides with red arrow stickers pointing up to indicate how the box should be facing.

I also left delivery instructions in the order about this. However, the delivery person did not pay attention to any of this and put the box sideways.

Luckily, a family member got the box right after delivery and put it the correct way. I did call Amazon to tell them about this issue, and I hope that someone finally does something to prevent it from occurring again.

The box the battery came in is thick cardboard. There were styrofoam sheets on each side and a lot of bubble wrap to cover up and fill the remaining area. The styrofoam sheets were somewhat crushed because of the box mishandling and who knows what else, and there were styrofoam bits everywhere, which I had to get a vacuum with a hose out to clean up.

The battery itself seemed in good condition with no noticeable leaking or damage. I checked the battery charge, and it was 12.6 volts. The battery was brand new, and the manufacture date was the same month I ordered the battery.

The price for the battery was the best I saw online, and I did not have to ship my old battery back. I took my old battery to an auto parts store, and they gave me $10 store credit even though I did not buy the battery there.

It is probably better to order the battery when the temperature is not really hot or really cold outside. Also, do not wait until your battery dies before replacing it.

If your battery is more than a few years old and you see the charge on your old battery when not in use is only around 11.6 volts, it would be a good idea to replace it before you get stuck with a dead battery in your car.

If your battery is placed in an area of your car that requires a vent hose, this battery has 2 vent holes and comes with 1 plug (attached to the red cover piece for the positive terminal) for the unused vent hole. It does not come with a vent hose or elbow, and you should just use the parts that were on the battery you are removing.

Excluding the delivery issue, I would recommend ordering this battery from Amazon.”- Count Von Count

5. Schumacher SC1281: Best Car Battery Charger

Total Ratings: 10375

Schumacher SC1281

Highlight: The battery charger performs well with safety features and a maintenance mode to keep batteries charged during long periods of non-use, though the warranty is surprisingly short given the price.

Helpful Review:

“I have used different brands of battery chargers and for the most part, they have been pretty similar in capability.

In this case, though, I needed a charger that also maintains the battery as well, as I go out of town at times for long periods and have come back more often than not with a dead battery in my car, especially with more electronics than ever in both the car and with the devices you carry that drain your car battery faster than ever.

I was looking specifically for something that was powerful, feature-filled, and easy to use, especially since someone in the family might need to deal with the device if I was gone.

The quality of the battery charger is very good with a sturdy casing and good quality metal jumper clamps. It is powerful with 100A which worked for my SUV with no issues.

I really like the diagnostics mode which tells you if the battery or alternator is bad as well as it can bring back nearly dead batteries back. The one thing I like the most is that it is basically plug-and-play, with everything automatically done.

In my case, I bought this after I left, because even though the car was being regularly started, the battery went dead anyway. This not only brought the battery back to life but maintained the battery until I returned several months later. My car started like it was new, so the maintainer did its job.

The jump starter has safety features including reverse polarity protection ensuring that the jumper cables are connected correctly. The jump starter has an LED battery level indicator that lets you clearly see the status of the battery level with a percentage.

Even though this is a good size and has some weight, it is not burdensome to carry or use as it has a nice ergonomic carry handle.

One of the biggest surprises is that the warranty is only one year on this charger, especially considering the price as compared to other similar devices.


  • Portable
  • Well-made, good quality
  • Safety features such as overcharging protection, overloading protection, and overheating protection.
  • Good ergonomic handle
  • Set of good quality metal clamps with built-in safety mechanisms to prevent reverse polarity
  • Battery level percentage indicator
  • Easy to use, easy to charge
  • Feature packed
  • Maintainer works great
  • Can do diagnostics on battery and alternator


  • Short warranty
  • Expensive”- JWINK

6. Battle Born Batteries Lithium-Ion (LiFePO4): Best Easy to Install Battery

Total Ratings: 784

Battle Born Batteries

Highlight: The Battle Born lithium battery has performed very well over 3 years for solar RV applications, capably handling high temporary loads and continuous standard usage; customer service promptly provided a warranty replacement for minor issues, demonstrating excellent product quality and support.

Helpful Review:

“I am very pleased with this battery. I have had it for 6 months and it is great. Very reliable, zero maintenance. I have it hooked up to a 300w solar system on my camper van/RV and it charges very fast.

I even hooked it up to a 450/900-watt space heater and ran it for 1.5 hours on the lower 450-watt setting via a 600w (1200w surge) inverter. It raised the temperature of the RV interior from 55F to 67F in 1 hour (the outside temp was 52F with 50% humidity in the evening).

This was just a test I ran to see what it was capable of. While it did discharge the battery, it performed flawlessly during that time and helped me to learn about how the battery reacts to large loads.

The next day I checked on the battery @ noon and it was at full charge from the morning sun. The battery also performed perfectly on a 3k mile, 1-week road trip. It powered the inverter, which fed to 6 LED ceiling lights, a water pump, and USB outlets keeping two cell phones, two laptops, one SLR camera, and one Dometic fridge running 24/7 without any drop in temperature.

The food was always cold. Cold beer in the middle of the desert anytime you wanted. I plan on adding to my solar bank soon with another Battle Born battery and a more powerful inverter so I can run a 1200w water heater and improve the space heater’s performance (only as a backup in case of extreme cold).

I have not contacted customer support yet for any reason but based on other reviews I am confident that area is just as good as the battery itself. I highly recommend this product.

Update (2020): My Battle Born battery was experiencing some minor issues one year in. I would lose power for 2-3 seconds once a day or every couple of days. The power would turn off and come right back on again.

I contacted Battle Born and they said it was caused by the BMS (battery management system) in batches produced around the time I purchased my battery.

I shipped the battery back to them (they paid for shipping) and they sent me a new replacement battery which has been working perfectly for 2 years now. Their customer support is top notch as is their warranty. I will not be buying any other battery except Battle Born as my experience with this battery and the company has been excellent.”- Podroznik

7. Odyssey 34-PC1500T: Best For Durability

Total Ratings: 215

Odyssey 34-PC1500T

Highlight: The heavy, high-performance Odyssey battery has very strong starting ability even in extreme cold, runs accessories like a winch and air compressor without issue, and fits the Jeep battery tray perfectly.

Helpful Review:

1. This sucker is the heaviest battery I have ever had to lift way up into my Jeep. Ever. It was 49.5 pounds. It contains something like eleven pounds of lead more than the Optima redtop I used to have. Unlike the spiral wind of the classic Optima “six pack” setup, this uses the full battery case dimensions to pack in extra AGM goodness.

2. I nearly bought the 34/78 version for my Jeep so I would have more options for things like extra lights, a winch, and air compressor lines. The *only* complaint I read regarding the top/side terminal 34/78 version of this battery was that the side terminals sometimes lose contact with the battery like the internal connection breaks when something is connected to the side terminals. I do not know whether this is true or not, but it was reported often enough that I decided to opt for this one (group 34 with top terminals, positive on the left as you look at the battery).

3. The CCA of this battery is high and the first time I turned the key the engine JUMPED to life. It caught faster than it has *ever* caught at startup. Impressive! And it was well below freezing outside when this happened, and it was on a Jeep that had been parked, un-started, for nearly two years. I was pretty happy, to say the least.

4. This apparently is a cousin of the old Sears Diehard Platinum, a very highly regarded AGM battery for off-road vehicles that run extras such as those listed above. Sears stopped using Odyssey to produce this battery for them. I don’t know why, or whether Sears ever found a replacement for the Platinum or what. However, the Odyssey is still produced. It is more expensive than the Sears, but since you currently cannot get the Sears-branded Odyssey battery that is a moot point.

5. I do not know whether this battery will one day be produced for Sears again, but this is my best choice right now. Optima batteries have become so hit-or-miss since they moved production to Mexico and started using recycled lead. My last Optima only lasted me 18 months. I decided to not get another one and to try this Odyssey that everyone in the Jeep world has been raving about.

6. I am seriously pleased with this battery’s starting ability, it is a deep discharge-capable unit that can be recharged with ease when it is run very low.


7. It fits in the Jeep Wrangler TJ (1997-2006) battery tray and lockdown bar perfectly, like it was designed for that space. My Optima Red Top never really fit all that well. I had to clap it down very tightly to keep it from sliding around. This one locks right in and clamps down securely with a lot less torque on the nuts.

8. It runs my Warn M8000 winch like a pro without running down. I can winch myself several times on a trail run with the engine off and it will start right up without a second thought.

9. It runs my Viair 400C compressor all day, too, if needed. I want a more powerful compressor that is faster, but this is what I have. It uses a lot of power if you have to use air tools out on the trail. And to air up after the day is done it runs a lot taking my four 33″ tires from 10 PSI up to 28 PSI. This battery does not even seem to notice the draw. (Yes, my first few times doing this I was stupid enough to air up with the engine off, which was a completely unnecessary drain on my battery. This Odyssey is a champ.

You do NOT need to run a two-battery setup in the Jeep so you can run a winch or an on-board air compressor system.

A friend used him to run a very small Miller welder that was set up for use in his Jeep. I have no idea how he did this, but he said he ditched his second battery after switching to this Odyssey.

He uses that space under the hood for something else now. (Probably a stealth beer cooler. Kidding, kidding…) It was actually seeing him weld a broken track bar bracket on his rear Dana 44 using this battery for the welder and THEN turning the Jeep on that finally convinced me to buy this battery.

(He had it off because he did not want to weld back there with the engine running. I think it might have gone BOOM on him had it been running.)

Highly recommend it, despite the high price. This is an excellent product.”- Pachyderm

Choosing Right Car Battery: Buying Guide

Picking the optimal car battery means understanding specifications like battery type, group size, reserve capacity, cold-cranking amps, and warranty. Here’s what to consider when buying a replacement:

Battery Type

When it comes to car batteries, three main technologies dominate the market – standard lead acid, absorbed glass mat (AGM), and lithium-ion.

The standard lead acid battery is the most affordable option, using lead plates and sulfuric acid to produce power, but requires more maintenance as it is prone to acid leaks and spills over time.

AGM batteries use fiberglass mats to absorb the electrolyte solution, making them spill-proof and hardy against temperature changes, though more expensive.

Lithium-ion batteries are the emerging lightweight high-performance choice, offering quick cranking power, minimal discharge when not in use, and lifespans up to 10 years with advanced battery monitoring systems to prevent voltage drops. However, lithium-ion cells are also the priciest currently.

Group Size

Batteries are categorized by physical size into group numbers like 24, 34/78, 35, 49, 65, 75 and more. Consult your manual to choose the same group size as your old battery to ensure proper fitting. This sizing is not related to performance.

Reserve Capacity (RC) Rating

The RC rating represents how long a battery can run critical electrical loads if the alternator fails. Higher is better for frequent starts and preventing early power loss.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

The CCA indicates how much current a battery can deliver at zero degrees F to crank your engine. Opt for a CCA at least as high as factory specs, with higher CCA’s better in cold weather.

Power Rating

Also termed cranking or starting power, it indicates ability to start engine. Minimum should equal manufacturer’s recommended rating.

Terminal Type

Common styles are top post and side post. Ensure terminal alignment with connecting wires and accessories in vehicle.

Warranty Coverage

Typically warranted for replacement from defects for 3 years or more. Longer warranties often indicate improved longevity expectations from the manufacturer.

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